KISANI Platform Patent Certificate

With the  KISANI app, you can make a picture move

You can turn a picture into a video with a story in a short time.
It is an authoring tool and a creative education platform

The KISANI app is an authoring tool and a creative education platform that allows you to quickly turn a

 picture into a video with a story. This means that you can transform a static image into an engaging

 video by adding animation and storytelling elements. The app aims to provide a user-friendly and

efficient way to create videos with visual narratives, making it a useful tool for both content creators

and educators. It offers a convenient platform for expressing creativity and enhancing the learning

experience through the power of visual storytelling.

KISANI Art education

Draw any pictures at home or at art school and try to make a video.

Shall we find out how to use the app?


Change the background what ever you want.

When you draw tree and bee but drawing the sky can be difficult.

When you draw coral reefs and fish but  drawing the sea can be difficult.


make a title

After you create your video, give it a suitable title.

You can easily create titles with the KISANI app.


Possible to add background music.

Make your picture into video and try to add suitable background music.


Dub by your voice.

Cicadas can say mem mem.

Butterfly is going to show splash.

Even trees can talk

You can record your voice on the main character of your drew

Videos made by children

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Art Psychological Counseling Program

Get art psychology counseling along with art classes

To diagnose art psychology, picture videos are more reliable than two-dimensional flat pictures.

Coming soon

When diagnosing the psychology of art, it is certainly more reliable to utilize drawing videos than two-dimensional flat photographs.

While two-dimensional images can provide valuable insight into drawing style, technique, and subject matter, drawing videos do not provide psychological aspects of art.

It provides an additional dimension that can enhance your understanding of enabling a more comprehensive analysis. It provides a visual narrative that showcases the artist’s thought process, the evolution of ideas, and the emotions expressed throughout the creative journey.

By observing how they interact, such as movement in their work, we can gain a deeper understanding of the psychological states and motivations behind an artist’s artistic choices.

Picture animations also provide a dynamic and immersive experience compared to static images.

It provides important movement, rhythm and temporal context for analyzing emotional expression and artistic intent.

You can observe the nuances, transitions, and interactions of different elements within a piece that may not be apparent in a two-dimensional image.

Art therapists, psychologists, or counselors specializing in art psychology can analyze visual cues, contextual information, and the artist’s own reflections to gain a comprehensive understanding of the psychological aspects of art.

Overall, painting videos capture the artist’s stream of consciousness, emotional expression, providing a more dynamic and comprehensive approach to art psychological diagnosis, providing a richer understanding of the psychological dimension of the work.

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